Litter born on february 2nd february 2013
Available from 2nd april 2013

Puppies will be registered in the LOF/FCI with export pedigree, identified by Microchip, European passport,
CHPPIL primo-vaccinated, dewormed 3 times.

Puppies from this litter are exempt from mutation in the gene responsible for
Primary Lens Luxation (PPL) by parentage (see the parents page).

Mother :
Original Master's Voice Glowing Touch

Father :
Inter Multi CH Gang Staff Jack Sparrow


Litter 100 % Australian bloodline with top quality pedigree (see below). Photos are added each week to allow you to track their progress. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at this address :

It is with pleasure that I will answer you.

Tuesday, April 2: What a pleasure to be able to enjoy the sun today! Frolic in the grass and try new antics!

Puppies are now ready to go to their new homes.

Irresistible Desire

Irresistible Desire - 8,5 semaines/weeks


The little male 1, first born of this litter arrived at 2:08 pm and weighed at birth 211 gr.

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Irresistible Diva
 (female 1)

Irresistible Diva - 8,5 semaines/weeks


The first female was born at 14: 40 p.m. for a weight of 245 gr.

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Irresistible Attraction
(female 2)

Irresistible Attraction - 8,5 semaines/weeks


The female 2 was born at 15:10 and weighed 206 gr.

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Irresistible Caprice
(male 2)

Après épilation : Irresistible Caprice - 8,5 semaines/weeks

Stays in the kennel

The male 2 was born at 4.15 p.m. and weighed 233 gr.

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Individual photos

Puppies pédigrée
(29 champions)

Malung Jr Napoleon
Malung Jr Meban
Malung Jr Carmello
Tiroan Jr My Huckleberry
Malung Jr Moon Shine
CH Tiroan Jr Quanaba
Nerremen Oogee
CH. Mywin Little Huck
Rojen Maximus
CH Swymbridge Santas Lad
Swymbridge Rani
Mondure Santas Kiss
Waglett Jack A Dandy
Waglett Jacel Angel
Myrmidon Jack Orchid

Inter Multi CH. Gang Staff Jack Sparrow
Myrmidon Jac Roger
Myrmidon Jack Cam
Windermere Trixie
Inter Multi CH Bushwack's Aussie Boy to Saltis
Myrmidon Jack Mick
Myrmidon Jack Gayna
Myrmidon Jack Nagoya
Gang Staff Queen Of The Desert
Karrell Milo Haha
Liberated Lewis of Jack Paradise
Carry On Caitlin Of Jack's Paradise
Gang Staff Miracle
Sprankle Shota Of Jack's Paradise
CH Gang Staff Ale Laska
Cyma Poldiable

CH. Brosing's Australian Dot Com
CH. Touchstar Genesis
Lantaka Berenice
CH. Milano
CH. Rosetta Jr Rookee
CH. Era v.h. Insula Maris
Kingpark Matter of Honor
Multi CH. Touchstar Asterix
CH. Rosetta Jr Rookee
CH. Fox Mayo Land v.h. Insula Maris
Kingpark Matter of honor
 CH. Victoria of Mayo land
Kasper Van Tessa 's Telgen
Multi CH. Total look of Mayo land
CH. Of the Hunters Pride Deja Vu Journey

Original Master's Voice Glowing Touch
CH. Fox mayo land v.h. Insula Maris
CH. Ultrapride of Mayo Land
Multi CH. Super Mayo Land Of the Hunters Pride
Sylverlyckans Wishing and Hoping
CH. Mirmidon Jack Cam
CH. Bushwack's Myrmidons Magic
CH. Myrmidon Jack Gayna
Mystic Dream Di Sutri
CH. Rosetta Jr Sultan
CH. Litlnapoleon Luckys Boy
CH. Myrmidon Jack Cappa
Vernice Fresca Di Sutri
CH. Myrmidon Jack
CH. Braperemi Buggame
CH. Braperemi Thingame