Litter born on 18th august 2012
Available from 13th october 2012

Puppies will be registered on demand in the LOF/FCI with export pedigree, identified by Microchip, European passport, CHPPIL primo-vaccinated, dewormed 3 times.

Puppies from this litter are exempt from mutation in the gene responsible for Primary Lens Luxation (PPL) by parentage (see the parents page).


Litter 100 % Australian bloodline with top quality pedigree (see below). Photos are added each week to allow you to track their progress. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at this address :

It is with pleasure that I will answer you.

 Hiroo de la Rosée de l'Eden
("Light on the way" in japanese)

Hiroo 5 mois

HIROO benefits now of the sun in the South of france. I wish you full moments of happiness !

 Haïku de la rosée de l'Eden
(Short poem of Japanese origin of 17 syllables)

Haïku habite maintenant en Suisse avec sa nouvelle maitresse Marie-Valentine.


Haïku lives now with Marie-Valentine in switzerland. I wish you a wonderful life sweet heart !

Hoshiko de la Rosée de l'Eden
(Child of the stars in japanese)

Stays in the kennel

More photos below

 Hakubaku de la Rosée de l'Eden
(Japanese noodles brand)

Hakubaku de la Rosée de l'Eden - 11 semaines/weeks Magnifique !

HAKUBAKU lives in Bretagne in france with Martine and Thierry. I wish you all the happyness with this so lovely and friendly puppy.

Portée/litter : Saltisgardens Sir Toby X Gang Staff Julia Roberts ‎‎(Janis Joplin)‎‎ née le 17.08.2012

Puppies pédigrée

Multichampion Un Sacré Mec of Mayo Land
Multichampion Touchstar Every Time I live For Rent
Lantaka Benerice
Multichampion Heartily Donald Duck
Amigo Vom Mon Cheval
Dikaya Staya Patricia
CH Dikaya Staya Negodnitsa
Inter Mutli CH. Saltisgardens Sir Toby
Multichampion Kanix Speed Wagon
Multichampion Björsätters Peer Gynt
Saltisgårdens Jazz for Joy
Multichampion Saltisgardens Knäckehäxa
Otwaymist Opal Matrix
Multichampion Saltisgårdens Taste of Honey
Saltisgårdens Guld-Tiara Magica

MultiCh., WW '06 Kanix Speed Wagon
CH, EUW '08 Björsätters Peer Gynt
Saltisgårdens Jazz For Joy
Multichampion Gang Staff Madness
 Int. Multi CH. Bushwack's Aussie Boy To Saltisgarden
CH. Bushwack's Jack Penny
Bushwack's Jack Itzy
Gang Staff Julia Roberts (Janis Joplin)
Tiroan/JR My Huckleberry
CH. Mywin Little Huck
Mondure Santas Kiss
Gang Staff Jack Mini Ha Ha
Int. Multi CH. Bushwack's Aussie Boy To Saltisgarden
Gang Staff Queen of the Desert
Gang Staff Miracle