Litter born on 23th september 2016

3 males

Litter 100% Australian line whose two parents are from our breeding, that's fun !

The character of these two doggies is perfectly suited for a family life that is why I selected them to pursue our vision of jack russell. Their construction is also to be noted and allows to make my small contribution to the building of the maintenance of the breed. I aspire that their puppies are marvellous companions of life just like their parents.
The pedigree is very interesting (see below, 33 champions including of multi champions, champions international, champions of Europe, and world champions). A work of selection based on large kennel of world-renowned : Gang Staff, Di Sutri, Saltisgarden, All Jacks...

Photos will be added each week so you can track their progress.

Puppies will be registered in the LOF/FCI with export pedigree, identified by Microchip, European passport,
CHPPIL primo-vaccinated, dewormed 4 times.

Puppies from this litter are exempt from mutation in the gene responsible for Primary Lens Luxation (PPL) by parentage (see the parents page).

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at this address :

It is with pleasure that I will answer you.

Mother : Imagine de la Rosée de l'Eden



Male 1



Male 2



Male 3



Puppies pédigrée
(33 champions)

InterMulti CH, EUW '08 Björsätters Peer Gynt
Multichampion Saltisgarden Music maestro
CH Otwaymist Sapphire
PWW'11 All Jacks Aim For The Top
CH knotteliten's Reggae Gold's Rasta
Knotteliten's Picc-a-dilly
Saltisgardens Purple Haze
CH. Seven Dwarfs Di Sutri
CH Myrmidon Jack Pete
Lantaka Mysterio
Myrmidon Jack Dekka
JWW'11 Prêt à Porter Di Sutri
CH. Litlnapoleon Luckys Boy
White Snow Di Sutri
CH. La Vie en Rose Di Sutri
Imagine de la Rosée de l'Eden
Multi CH, WW '06 Kanix Speed Wagon
InterMulti CH, EUW '08 Björsätters Peer Gynt
Saltisgårdens Jazz For Joy
Multi CH Gang Staff Madness
 Inter, Multi CH, Bushwack's Aussie Boy To Saltisgarden
CH. Bushwack's Jack Penny
Bushwack's Jack Itzy
Gang Staff Janis Joplin (Julia Roberts)
Tiroan/JR My Huckleberry
 CH. Mywin Little Huck
Mondure Santas Kiss
Gang Staff Jack Mini Ha Ha
Inter, Multi CH. Bushwack's Aussie Boy To Saltisgarden
Gang Staff Queen of the Desert
Gang Staff Miracle

Malung Jr Meban
Tiroan Jr My Huckleberry
CH Tiroan Jr Quanaba
CH. Mywin Little Huck
CH Swymbridge Santas Lad
Mondure Santas Kiss
Waglett Jacel Angel
Inter Multi CH. Gang Staff Jack Sparrow
Myrmidon Jack Cam
Inter Multi CH Bushwack's  Aussie Boy to Saltis
Myrmidon Jack Gayna
Gang Staff Queen Of The Desert
Liberated Lewis of Jack Paradise
Gang Staff Miracle
CH Gang Staff Ale Laska
Juke de la Rosée de l'Eden
Multichampion Touchstar Every Time I live For Rent
JWW 2009, Multichampion Heartily Donald Duck
Dikaya Staya Patricia
Inter. Multi. CH. Saltisgardens Sir Toby
Multi CH, EUW '08 Björsätters Peer Gynt
WW 2010, Multichampion Saltisgardens Knäckehäxa
Multichampion Saltisgårdens Taste of Honey
Hoshiko de la Rosée de l'Eden
Multi CH, EUW '08 Björsätters Peer Gynt
Multichampion Gang Staff Madness
CH. Bushwack's Jack Penny
Gang Staff Julia Roberts (Janis Joplin)
CH. Mywin Little Huck
Gang Staff Jack Mini Ha Ha
Gang Staff Queen of the Desert