Litter born on 7th january 2016

Available from 7th march 2016

1 female and 4 male

Puppies will be registered in the LOF/FCI with export pedigree, identified by Microchip, European passport,
CHPPIL primo-vaccinated, dewormed 3 times.

Puppies from this litter are exempt from mutation in the gene responsible for Primary Lens Luxation (PPL) by parentage (see the parents page).

Litter 100 % Australian bloodline (see below). Photos are added each week to allow you to track their progress.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at this address :

It is with pleasure that I will answer you.

Pedigree  at the bottom of this page

Father : Hugo Boss de l'Envol des Aigles

Size : 27 cm
Colors : white & tan
Teething : full and correct scissor bite
Eyes : free
Patella : normal clinical examination
PLL-A (Primary Lens Luxation) : free, normal homozygous (N/N)

Mischievous Smurf - Max
(Schtroumpf farceur)
Mâle 1

M1 - Statique 7 semaines

M1 - Statique 7 semaines

Max in his new home 
More than I Hoped - Albert
Mâle 2

M2 - Statique 7 semaines

M2 - Statique 7 semaines

Albert with new owners

Magnetic charm - Max
Mâle 3

M3 - Statique 7 semaines
M3 - 7 semaines

A real meeting with his new owner


9 months !!

Marvellous Moka - Moka
Mâle 4

M4 - 5,5 semaines

Moka rencontre sa nouvelle famille

Make My Day - Zoé

Make My Day - 6,5 semaines/weeks

Make My Day - 6,5 semaines/weeks

Make My Day - 6,5 semaines/weeks
 Stays at kennel

Puppies pédigrée

Silverlycans Wishing and Hoping
CH. M. Energizer Di Sutri
Vernice Fresca Di Sutri
American Gangster Di Sutri
Lantaka Mysterio
CH. La Vie en Rose Di Sutri
Hugo Boss de l'Envol des Aigles
CH. Duke de Alterrial
Liberty Box Arzul
CH. Abba de Alterrial
Funny Girl des Garrigues du Real
CH. Thorgall of Mayo Land
Original Master's Voice Cuty Pie
Saltisgardens Tamara

Multi CH, WW '06 Kanix Speed Wagon
InterMulti CH, EUW '08 Björsätters Peer Gynt
Saltisgårdens Jazz For Joy
Multi CH Gang Staff Madness
 Inter, Multi CH, Bushwack's Aussie Boy To Saltisgarden
CH. Bushwack's Jack Penny
Bushwack's Jack Itzy
Gang Staff Janis Joplin (Julia Roberts)
Tiroan/JR My Huckleberry
 CH. Mywin Little Huck
Mondure Santas Kiss
Gang Staff Jack Mini Ha Ha
Inter, Multi CH. Bushwack's Aussie Boy To Saltisgarden
Gang Staff Queen of the Desert
Gang Staff Miracle