Litter born on september 25th 2012
Available from November 21th 2012

Puppies have be registered in the LOF/FCI with export pedigree, identified by Microchip, European passport,
CHPPIL primo-vaccinated, dewormed 3 times.

Mother :
Dassia des As du Mont (Daïra)
Father :
Inter, Multi CH. Saltisgardens Sir Toby (Toby)


These two there are some rascals !

In fact, my husband and I were married this summer and these little thugs they took advantage that we was less vigilant to improvise a honey Moon 2 days before our D day !

Our small Daïra has new fact of prowess with babies whose birth weight is out of the ordinary. Toby to made this frame which is structured and sturdy puppies.
Congrats sweet mum !

Photos are added each week to allow you to track their progress. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at this address :

It is with pleasure that I will answer you

Heiress to Golden Ring


Heiress to Golden Ring - Femelle/female - 9,5 semaines/weeks
All white with a spot on his right eye. Birth weight : 200 gr

More photos below

Hazelnut of Gold


Hazelnut of Gold - Mâle/male - 9,5 semaines/weeks
All white with very nice brown mask.
Birth weight: 205 gr

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Hoops of Moon Dust


ll white with a spot on his back.
Birth weight: 220 gr

More photos below

Portee/litter Daïra x Saltisgardens Sir Toby née le 09.25.2012

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